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Child custody outcome leads to outrage from many

When two parents divorce, the focus is almost always on making things easy for their shared children. In some cases, one or both parents are concerned about the safety and well-being of their kids while in the custody of the other parent. This is especially true in cases in Florida and elsewhere in which there are other parties involved, such as stepparents or romantic partners of one or both parents. One recent child custody case centered on a father's concern about the safety of his two daughters, who were living in the home of their mother and her new husband, a convicted sex offender.

When the father found out that his children were living under the same roof as a sex offender, he took steps to try and gain custody of the girls. Even more distressing to the father was the fact that the child that the man had molested was his stepdaughter from a previous marriage. Adding even more complexity to the case is the fact that this is not the first sex offender that the mother has chosen as a partner; a former boyfriend was convicted of molesting one of her other daughters (from a different relationship.)

Weight loss can result from high net worth divorce

Moving from married to single can be a difficult process, even in cases where divorce is clearly the best step for all involved. For many Florida spouses who are going through a high net worth divorce, losing weight will accompany the process. This can be a good thing for some, but can lead to health issues for others. No matter if an individual is looking to shed a few extra pounds or is already in peak physical condition, it is important to make wise health decisions during this intense period of time.

People lose weight during divorce for a number of reasons. Some experience high levels of stress as the process unfolds, which can lead to a suppressed appetite. For others, eating meals was a significant part of their life as a married spouse, and without that other person in the mix, it can seem like too much trouble to prepare a healthy meal for one. Some spouses turn to exercise when they are experiencing stress or anxiety, which can help the pounds fall off. No matter the reason behind the weight gain, it is absolutely essential that individuals do not lose sight of the importance of being healthy, especially during a trying time.

What happens if child support payments are not made?

Court orders entered in conjunction with family law matters are binding for the parties who are involved. This means that there are often repercussions for both parties if one of them fails to meet the obligations outlined in those orders. Therefore, if a parent ordered to make child support payments does not make them, he or she could be found in contempt and face enforcement measures outlined under Florida law.

Many Florida parents rely on child support payments to help make sure that their children do not suffer because their parents are no longer together. When those payments do not come, they are the ones who pay the price. Parents can go back to court and request that the non-custodial parents be found in contempt and ask that enforcement actions begin.

Heading back to school after a child custody change

With the end of summer just around the corner, many Florida parents are preparing for their children going back to school. For those who have gone through a divorce and child custody change, this year may be a bit different from those past. Many parents worry that an altered family structure will have a negative impact on their child's performance in school. The best way to address these concerns is to be proactive in structuring a supportive learning environment for each child.

This begins by bringing teachers and administrators into the loop. Schedule an appointment to sit down with each child's teacher and/or guidance counselor to discuss the changes that the family has gone through. This ensures that your child will have a supportive advocate during the school day who is aware of the challenges being faced.

Property division tips for women over the age of 50

When preparing to end a marriage, each Florida resident will have his or her own set of needs, goals and concerns. For those who are both female and over the age of 50, there are some particular challenges that can arise. Understanding how divorce will impact one's future financial stability is key to devising a property division plan to reach the best possible settlement.

This begins with budgeting, a task that many people dread. However, until a person is aware of his or her spending and saving patterns, it is difficult to plan for the future. The fact is that it will be more expensive to fund two separate households than it was to pay for one. This means that no matter how wealth is divided during a divorce, both spouses will need to make the proper adjustments to remain financially secure.

Three reasons to have a Prenup

No one gets married with divorce in mind. When we decide to settle down with someone, we are usually thinking it is for life. However, the reality of the situation is that divorce is always a possibility. Divorce doesn't have to be someone's fault. Sometimes there are simply irreconcilable differences that cannot be worked out.

This is why it is important to have a prenuptial agreement. Having a prenup is not just for people with a vast amount of wealth, like celebrities, but for regular people who want to protect themselves financially in case of divorce. Here are three reasons why you may want a prenup.

Child custody ruling establishes "de facto" parenthood

When most custody cases come before a court of law in Florida or elsewhere, the parties include a mother and father who cannot come to terms on the care and custody of their shared child or children. There are cases, however, that do not fit this norm. An example is found in a recent child custody case that has led to the establishment of a controversial doctrine in one East Coast state.

The case centers on a little boy who was born to a same-sex couple. One of the women became pregnant through artificial insemination, and the couple wed six months after the child's birth. The other woman took on the role of parent to the child, although the couple split just a year later. The second woman did not legally adopt the child and is not listed as a parent on his birth certificate.

Child custody case leads to findings of judicial misconduct

When Florida parents go before a court of law to determine issues of custody, they expect for the process to move forward in a manner that is professional, courteous and in line with the spirit of state law. In the vast majority of child custody cases, that is exactly what happens, and the issue is resolved in a way that is fair and just, with the best interests of the children at the center of the process. In some cases, however, parents do not receive the treatment that they expect in family court. An example is found in a high profile case that has led to a finding of judicial misconduct on the part of the family court judge.

A complaint about the way that the case was handled was brought before the state's Judicial Tenure Commission. The parents involved in the case had been at odds over child custody for nearly seven years, and the children had become firmly estranged from their father. They refused to visit or even speak with him, and after refusing to go to a court-ordered visit, the judge in the case found all three children guilty of contempt of court and sent them to a juvenile detention facility.

The importance of compromise to avoid child custody battles

When children are involved in a divorce, issues regarding their futures may be complicated. Divorcing parents are advised to do their best to compromise, avoiding obstinance and contentious debates that often lead to child custody battles. One family outside of Florida has been going through a custody fight, and the court recently issued a ruling that left many shocked and upset.

Apparently, the child in question is a 10-year-old golf prodigy. She is said by some to already be good enough to secure college scholarships and pave her way to a profitable future. Her father was reportedly her first golf coach; however, a judge recently banned the girl from playing competitive golf for one year, leaving many to question the court's rationale.

Protecting a business without a prenuptial agreement

For those in Florida who own or who are planning to start a business, it is important to understand how that asset would be treated in the event of a divorce. The best way to protect business interests is to draft a comprehensive prenuptial agreement. Another good option is to create a postnuptial agreement after the marriage has begun. However, for those who were unable to secure either of these sources of protection, there are still steps that can be taken to minimize the loss that would occur if the marriage should end in divorce.

The best place to begin is with a full evaluation of the value of a business at the time of marriage. There are professional appraisers who specialize in this type of work and who can provide a written report of value along with the comparable properties and other data that support that number. Next, maintaining good financial practices and keeping detailed records is important. Business owners should be able to clearly document that their business finances are kept separate from their personal finances.