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December 2014 Archives

What you need to know about property division in Florida

Property division can be an emotionally and financially complex part of divorce proceedings. Because of potential complications, it is best to gain an understanding of the state laws on property division in order to make the most beneficial decisions during a difficult time. Florida is a not a community property state, which means that a judge typically determines how property is divided based on what is considered to be fair or equitable. 

What you should know about property division during divorce

Property division is an important aspect of divorce and one that can have an impact on both your immediate and long-term financial life. Because of the importance of these decisions, Florida couples may find it beneficial to have assistance from a knowledgeable attorney when dealing with the financial aspects of divorce. Property division can be a complex process, but we can help. 

Grounds for divorce in Florida

Decades ago, it was only possible to end a marriage through divorce if one or both of the spouses could prove fault such as adultery, abuse, neglect or impotence. But since then, states have recognized that people should be able to freely exit marriages just like they can freely enter them, so no-fault divorce was created.