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Celebrity chef’s dough at stake in divorce

It’s a story that’s told time and time again: A couple meets, falls madly in love and gets married. Breaking up isn’t a thought that crosses either partner’s mind.

Soon, one partner gets a big break, maybe her business takes off or his musical talent is finally discovered.

Years pass and the couple falls out of love. They decide to divorce. However, because the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement at the onset of their marriage, millions of dollars are up for grabs.

The latest example of this scenario playing out in real life involves chef, writer and TV personality Giada De Laurentiis.

Italian-born De Laurentiis reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, fashion designer Todd Thompson, at the end of December, and this week, Radar Online reported that the divorce could get messy because there is no prenuptial agreement in place.

De Laurentiis married Thompson in 2003 before her lucrative cooking career had taken off. At the time, she probably had no idea that she would be worth at least $20 million just over a decade later. De Laurentiis has raked in the dough (no pun intended) through her popular cooking shows, product lines and a brand new resultant in Las Vegas.

In addition to property division issues, the couple could end up fighting over the custody and support of their 6-year-old daughter. Radar Online reported that both parties asked the court to grant joint physical and legal custody of the child, but Thompson has asked that he not have to pay child support.

The couple also reportedly said that they plan to pursue an amicable divorce. Hopefully, their lack of prenuptial agreement doesn’t prevent that from happening. 

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