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Super Bowl ad brings attention to domestic violence

If you were one of the millions of Americans who watched the Super Bowl on Sunday evening you might have seen an advertisement that stood out for many people.

It didn't stand out because of a celebrity appearance or a creative tag line, it stood out because it addressed something very serious head-on: domestic violence.

This was the first time an ad addressing domestic violence was aired during the Super Bowl, a time when most people would rather enjoy their beer and bean dip than face the reality of something that is usually kept behind closed doors.

The ad was produced by NoMore.org, which is a campaign focused on raising awareness and engagement on domestic violence and sexual assault, and is reportedly based on an actual domestic violence call taken by a police dispatcher.

In the call, a domestic violence victim pretends to be talking to a pizza delivery service when she is actually talking to the police dispatcher, with her abuser nearby. The victim's cleverness allowed her to trick her abuser while letting the dispatcher know that she was in need of help.

The National Football League, which has been plagued by high-profile instances of domestic violence involving a few of its players in recent years, decided to team up with NoMore.org and paid for the advertisement.

Domestic violence allegations are present in many divorce and child custody cases, and must always be taken very seriously. Family law courts always take accusations of domestic violence into account when making decisions, which is why it is important that the court has a clear understanding of the truth.

An experienced family law attorney can help make sure this is the case -- no matter if you are the victim of domestic violence or you have been unfairly accused of being an abuser.

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