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Discussing a Florida prenuptial agreement makes sense

In Florida and in today's world, many things can happen almost overnight. Two people fall in love and decide to get married with little thought to the other person's finances. No one likes to think about finances at the time of their engagement, but when a marriage falls apart, the fallout from it can be destructive. A prenuptial agreement is a way to lessen some of the complications that divorce proceedings can sometimes create.

Who would benefit most from getting a prenuptial agreement? Is it something only for when one person is, for example, a wealthy celebrity who also has had a few previous marriages and the other is much younger person without much, if any, wealth? That's the classic example, but no.

Many people today from all walks of life consider getting a prenuptial agreement. Middle-aged people who have successful careers, a sizable net worth and adult children from their past marriages also should consider getting one. Even two young grads saddled with student loan debt but with jobs and excitement about their future together should consider it a viable option.

Engaged couples should sit down together sometime before their wedding to talk about the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. When having this discussion, it's helpful to consider the past, present, and future of each person's finances. For example, when discussing the past, consider each person's money history, which could include mistakes made and the lessons learned from them. For the present, earnings, debts and assets should be considered. And with the future, an essential aspect of the conversation should center around the couple's shared promise to be open with all information in regard to their finances and, additionally, making big financial decisions together.

Talk of getting a prenuptial agreement may not evoke the most romantic of sentiments for a newly-engaged couple in Florida. Still, the conversation the couple has about whether one would be a good idea can be an important one in strengthening their combined financial health. When thinking about whether a prenuptial agreement is the right move for them, couples often consult with an experienced family law attorney who can advise them as to their options and assist them in achieving a fair and comprehensive agreement.

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