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June 2015 Archives

When Florida couples should consider a prenuptial agreement

Often, the last thing any couple in Florida wants to even consider when in love is the chance that the relationship won't last forever. As this is the case, even bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement can be distasteful. However, a prenup can make a great deal of sense, especially in regard to having important discussions concerning the couple's mutual financial picture.

Post-divorce cases see rise of shared parenting child custody

There is a movement currently in our country that calls for more shared parenting in child custody cases. This decision allows fathers involved equal rights when it comes to spending time with their children after a divorce or separation. It is often the case that when parents either get divorced or separate, a majority of courts favor the mother when it comes to child custody. 

Couple with high assets spends $4.5 million in pre-trial divorce

When most newlyweds set off down the path of married life in Florida, few consider their journey ever ending in divorce. This applies in the case of individuals with high assets as well. If a divorce does occur, there is often even more at stake financially, as is underscored by a recent high net worth divorce case.

Guilty verdict in domestic violence case ends in jail time

Many Florida residents are aware of the fact that, out of all of the experiences life has to offer, romantic relationships are some of the most life-changing and long-lasting. When they are healthy, relationships have the ability to change people's lives for the better. However, sometimes relationships break down over time. When domestic violence is the result of a relationship breaking down, the law is often called upon to intervene in order to protect the victim.

Child's future lies in results of child custody cases in Florida

Divorce in Florida can be a tough undertaking for all parties involved. It is often a challenging enough process for the adults, but the difficulties the parents experience are often felt even more deeply when children are involved and child custody rights must be assessed. Currently, some states are reassessing how and when equal and shared parenting time should be decided in family courts.