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Child's future lies in results of child custody cases in Florida

Divorce in Florida can be a tough undertaking for all parties involved. It is often a challenging enough process for the adults, but the difficulties the parents experience are often felt even more deeply when children are involved and child custody rights must be assessed. Currently, some states are reassessing how and when equal and shared parenting time should be decided in family courts.

Currently during divorce proceedings, most states' family courts follow the precedent of separating the children from one of the parents. However, a bountiful amount of scientific research has shown this can damage children and that they often fare much better when both of their parents remain equally present in their lives. In fact, according to federal statistics, children with both parents in their lives are more likely to succeed academically and avoid things like alcohol, drugs, teen pregnancy, jail and even depression.

There are currently only two states in which family court judges typically grant equal parenting time. However, there are many other states that are following suit and are considering changing their laws. About 20 state legislatures are currently or plan to reassess their stance on amending their legislation as it pertains to equal-parenting.

A considerable amount of social science results have shown that a shared parenting arrangement after a divorce is the best thing for the children. Divorce will always be a difficult process for the spouses, but with more states aiming to change their child custody laws, that might be changing for the better in regards to their children. When a marriage in Florida is on the rocks and divorce appears imminent for those with children, an experienced family law attorney who is well-versed in divorce cases is often among the first contacted. Experienced family law attorneys can offer a wealth of knowledge, advice and help in answering the many questions that often arise while initiating the process of getting a divorce.

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