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Guilty verdict in domestic violence case ends in jail time

Many Florida residents are aware of the fact that, out of all of the experiences life has to offer, romantic relationships are some of the most life-changing and long-lasting. When they are healthy, relationships have the ability to change people's lives for the better. However, sometimes relationships break down over time. When domestic violence is the result of a relationship breaking down, the law is often called upon to intervene in order to protect the victim.

Recently, a California court did exactly that in its ruling in a domestic violence case. It resulted in a man who was found guilty of domestic violence being sentenced to serve a three-year prison sentence. The victim, who is the guilty man's wife, suffered corporal injuries to her head.

The incident occurred in late January in another state. The couple got into an altercation inside a vehicle. The argument became so heated that the man grabbed his wife by her hair and slammed her head into the door of the car face-first, according to the prosecutors. The man not only has a lengthy criminal record but also a record of domestic violence.

The next three years of this man's life will be spent behind bars, but his wife is left with a multitude of scars that are mental as well as physical with which she must deal for the rest of her life. As proved by this ruling, victims of domestic violence will be defended, and the guilty will be penalized to the fullest extent of the law. When someone becomes the victim of domestic violence in the state of Florida, he or she has the right to seek the help of a legal professional who is experienced in helping protect victims from their abusers.

Source: Watsonville, Ca. Patch, "Three years behind bars for man convicted of domestic violence", Susan C. Schena, June 5, 2015

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