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When Florida couples should consider a prenuptial agreement

Often, the last thing any couple in Florida wants to even consider when in love is the chance that the relationship won't last forever. As this is the case, even bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement can be distasteful. However, a prenup can make a great deal of sense, especially in regard to having important discussions concerning the couple's mutual financial picture.

For instance, one of the biggest benefits of discussing getting a prenup is the fact that it sets a precedent for frank and honest communication. It may be easier to have this conversation when a couple's feelings are new and loving. Many find it liberating to clear the air beforehand, instead of attempting to do so when conflict arises later.

If someone owns a business -- especially a startup -- or has stock options for a startup, those assets might grow astronomically and increase in value eventually, so it would make sense to get a prenup. If the couple ever plans to buy a home together -- or if one of them already owns one, especially if it's in a real estate market that is highly appreciating -- it's wise to get a prenup. Also, if a couple simply wants to keep some of their assets separate, such as a vacation home or the old home of their parents, it's advantageous to get a prenup.

There any many other reasons that couples might consider getting a prenup. Since a great number of attorneys will not to do a prenup when less than six months remain until the wedding day, it's best to proceed as soon as possible. A Florida attorney experienced in family law is often contacted to explain and facilitate the process of obtaining a prenuptial agreement.

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