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July 2015 Archives

A prenuptial agreement and its provisions can change

As many Florida residents know, a recent high profile Hollywood couple's decision to divorce made entertainment news headlines. The fact that the couple waited to make the announcement exactly one day after the 10th anniversary of their wedding has many speculating that significance. Among the many possibilities, if the couple had a prenuptial agreement, that very well may have had something to do with it.

Domestic violence cases begin to rise, community reacts

Though many Florida residents know that it is often a topic of conversation that few discuss frequently, domestic violence has been the subject of much more conversation as of late. As there has been growing concern in local communities about the increase in reports of domestic violence, some people are taking action. It was the subject of some recent workshops that were held for medical professionals at a medical center.

Hollywood couple's high net worth divorce and division of assets

Many Florida readers may not have been that surprised when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce recently.  Rumors had been building. The couple has an estimated combined net worth totalling nearly $115 million, and there is a great deal at stake in this high net worth divorce. This is complicated by the fact that the couple apparently never signed a prenup.

Things to consider with property division in divorce

There are a large amount of legal as well as financial issues that come up in a divorce when property division occurs in Florida. One of the first that must be addressed with regard to property division is whether or not there is a valid marriage. Sometimes, it is possible that there was a pre-existing marriage -- for instance, a common law marriage -- although there was never an intervening divorce that occurred. Depending on the circumstances of the parties involved, a legal separation or an annulment may be preferable to divorce.