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Domestic violence cases begin to rise, community reacts

Though many Florida residents know that it is often a topic of conversation that few discuss frequently, domestic violence has been the subject of much more conversation as of late. As there has been growing concern in local communities about the increase in reports of domestic violence, some people are taking action. It was the subject of some recent workshops that were held for medical professionals at a medical center.

It is not clear how much more domestic violence is, in fact, occurring. This is due to the fact that it is often not reported by its victims. Regardless, the number of reports has been increasing. For example, a program that was created to assist the victims of domestic violence helped 912 survivors, which included 783 adults as well as 129 children in 2014, up from 840 survivors the previous year, according to the program's director.

As there is often a stigma attached to being on the receiving end of domestic violence, it is often under-reported. However, most experts agree that it is happening much more frequently than they know. They also know that it is happening at all socio-economic levels.

Domestic violence may be on the rise, and if an individual or a loved one has cause to believe that they or someone in their life has been involved in domestic violence, help out is available. Victims of domestic violence often seek legal assistance once they are safely extricated from the dangerous relationship. Contacting an experienced divorce attorney in Florida who handles domestic violence cases is often one of the first steps people conduct to help bring justice to their situation.

Source: pantagraph.com, "Domestic violence cases rise; community responds", Paul Swiech, July 17, 2015

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