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Hollywood couple's high net worth divorce and division of assets

Many Florida readers may not have been that surprised when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce recently.  Rumors had been building. The couple has an estimated combined net worth totalling nearly $115 million, and there is a great deal at stake in this high net worth divorce. This is complicated by the fact that the couple apparently never signed a prenup.

Many have speculated what happened to cause the breakdown of the long-term marriage. Nevertheless, one of the biggest questions now appears to be how the finances of the couple will be divided. As the divorce was announced one day after the couple's 10th anniversary, many have speculated as to how that might impact the proceedings.

Since the couple lives in California and they were married for 10 years, the state's laws view it as a long-term marriage, which can affect how assets are divided. Under this designation, Garner might be entitled to a higher amount of support. Some sources suggest that she is not planning on seeking support for herself, though that remains to be seen. However, considering that it was a 10-year marriage in a community property, together with the fact the couple have three children, it is likely that the financial split will be fairly even.

A high net worth divorce in Florida can be complex for the parties involved. Taking measures to understand the process can be very helpful. By assessing one's individual situation alongside a divorce attorney who is experienced with the challenging aspects of a high net worth divorce, the best way in which to approach the divorce will likely become apparent.

Source: hollywoodtake.com, "Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner's net worth split in divorce? How money and assets will likely be divided after 10 years of marriage", Melissa Siegel, June 30, 2015

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