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August 2015 Archives

Woman and ex-boyfriend embroiled in child custody dispute

As many Florida residents know, divorces that involve children can be exceedingly difficult to settle. Recently, a woman in an out-of-state child custody case requested that a court make a decision in regards to parenting responsibilities that concerned her 2-year-old daughter. However, the woman is also facing an impending ruling by a high court that might result in her spending significant time behind bars.

The length of the prenuptial agreement in Florida is growing

Some Florida couples who fall in love expect the relationship will last forever. However, the contracts that are meant to ensure the relationship stays intact are getting longer and even more unusual at times. A prenuptial agreement is no longer only for the rich and famous, and recent drafts include what are known as love contracts.

Recently introduced law helps to ensure child support is paid

As some Florida residents may know, a newly-introduced law in another state aims to make sure that children as well as their respective parents receive the child support payments that are rightfully due to them. This child support law was introduced by a state representative earlier this year. It received bipartisan support from both the Senate as well as the House and was signed into law last week.

Domestic violence-related charges after man wrestles woman

The relationships individuals have throughout their lives are often one of the main things that give their lives a sense of meaning and purpose. However, not all relationships remain healthy. When domestic violence occurs, the relationship usually unravels rapidly and the results of the abuse, both mental and physical, can have lasting effects. Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a big problem in Florida, as well as in other jurisdictions and states.