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Domestic violence-related charges after man wrestles woman

The relationships individuals have throughout their lives are often one of the main things that give their lives a sense of meaning and purpose. However, not all relationships remain healthy. When domestic violence occurs, the relationship usually unravels rapidly and the results of the abuse, both mental and physical, can have lasting effects. Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a big problem in Florida, as well as in other jurisdictions and states.

A recent domestic abuse case that happened out of state resulted in a woman being seriously injured. According to the police, her assailant, a 33-year-old man, was arrested on domestic violence charges in late July. He was charged with assault as well as disorderly conduct.

The man and his then ex-girlfriend were discussing politics at the time they became involved in an argument, according to the police. This resulted in a violent confrontation. The man slapped her, after which he tackled her and wrestled her to the floor, the ex-girlfriend claims. The man claims, however, that it was instead his ex-girlfriend who attacked him and he was holding her down as to defend himself.

Those who believe they have been victims of domestic violence and those who are accused of such crimes very often benefit from the expert guidance of professionals who have thorough experience dealing with these intimate and often difficult matters. Some accusations of domestic violence are prosecuted in the civil court system as well as in the Florida criminal court system. Seeking out a professional who is experienced with the nuances often involved in familial relationships often brings an additional level of assurance to the victims who are sometimes confused as to how to end this destructive cycle of behavior.

Source: havasunews.com, "Havasu man arrested on domestic violence charge says he didn't hit ex-girlfriend", July 31, 2015

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