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Recently introduced law helps to ensure child support is paid

As some Florida residents may know, a newly-introduced law in another state aims to make sure that children as well as their respective parents receive the child support payments that are rightfully due to them. This child support law was introduced by a state representative earlier this year. It received bipartisan support from both the Senate as well as the House and was signed into law last week.

This measure was introduced as House Bill 2791 earlier this year. It will begin by directing experts to first analyze and then study cases dealing with unpaid child support to identify the root causes. The experts will then assess and suggest policy changes that could help make the child support system more efficient as well as more responsive to the needs families.

According to the state representative, the child support system must recognize that some individuals do not intentionally or willfully fall behind in their payments; rather, they do not pay simply because they are unable to pay. Therefore, establishing the root causes of non-payment and further understanding how those causes can be rectified is essential to the system. The solutions will help to ensure that the child support system functions as it should for families.

Child support is often a big aspect of any divorce in Florida involving children. It is often contentious as well. One individual might feel that he or she is paying too much, while another might believe he or she is receiving too small an amount. Either way, it is absolutely critical that custodial parents receive the necessary amount of child support so that they may give their children the best life possible. Sometimes individuals going through a divorce choose to consult an experienced divorce attorney in order to establish a child support agreement that is both amenable and fair to both parties.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Lilly-Introduced Law a First Step to Ensuring Payment of Child Support", Camille Y. Lilly, Aug. 7, 2015

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