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September 2015 Archives

Teenager taken out of church in child custody case

Florida divorce cases that include child custody matters can be difficult for everyone involved. It can be particularly hard for ex-spouses to maintain civil relationships when emotions are already running high. This alone can make it very challenging for parents to agree on what type of custody arrangements will work best for their families. The simple truth is, when it comes to child custody issues, parents who are constantly battling with one another may only end up making things harder on themselves and their children in the long run. Court orders regarding custody are put in place to help prevent any unnecessary conflicts; unfortunately, there are those who still struggle to comply with child custody orders and sometimes extraordinary measures need to be taken in order to return children to custodial parents.

The mistakes that parents with child custody sometimes make

As some Florida residents know, a child custody situation is only successful when both parents put in the long-term effort. For the child custody agreement and schedule to work, both parents must be committed and determined to find solutions to the typical day-to-day details. It is these day-to-day and otherwise small actions that often have a powerful effect and determine whether the custody and visitations run smoothly.

Should a prenuptial agreement ever be made public?

A prenuptial agreement is sometimes one of the last things on the minds of some of the newly engaged in Florida. However, its importance should not be overlooked--it is an important agreement for those considering marriage. Not just for the ultra-rich or celebrities of this day and age anymore, a prenuptial agreement determines who gets what if a divorce were to occur.

How Ashley Madison has affected divorce and property division

As many Florida residents know, Ashley Madison, an online dating service targeted towards married individuals looking for an extramarital affair, was hacked recently. Due to the hack, millions of users' identities were released, which resulted in the public humiliation of many, including some high-profile individuals. Many individuals speculated about the consequences for cheaters in a divorce case, including child custody and property division.