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Teenager taken out of church in child custody case

Florida divorce cases that include child custody matters can be difficult for everyone involved. It can be particularly hard for ex-spouses to maintain civil relationships when emotions are already running high. This alone can make it very challenging for parents to agree on what type of custody arrangements will work best for their families. The simple truth is, when it comes to child custody issues, parents who are constantly battling with one another may only end up making things harder on themselves and their children in the long run. Court orders regarding custody are put in place to help prevent any unnecessary conflicts; unfortunately, there are those who still struggle to comply with child custody orders and sometimes extraordinary measures need to be taken in order to return children to custodial parents.

On a Sept 10., police in Pensacola received a order to collect a teenager from her mother -- as the 13-year-old was supposed to be returned to her father back in June. The teen was attending church services when officers arrived to comply with their orders. According to local police, the officers waited in the lobby for several minutes but received no help from church members to pull the girl from the congregation. One of the officers eventually entered the chapel in order to remove the teenager. This, of course, angered the pastor and other church goers.

The pastor, who is also the teenager's grandfather, requested the officer wait until services were completed. The officer, however, was given strict instructions to remove the child immediately. Despite the protests of church members, the female officer was, eventually, able to remove the teen from the building for the purpose of returning her to her father.

Out of all the issues that often surround a divorce as well as its aftermath, child custody is often the most contentious. Florida parents who are either currently working through divorce proceedings or who already have custody orders in place may seek legal guidance regarding any child custody conflicts. An experienced family law attorney can help parents achieve custody arrangements that work best for everyone involved. If necessary or desired, it is possible to seek modifications to existing plans which can help parents and children avoid the consequences of defying custody orders.

Source: kutv.com, "Police interrupt church service over child custody case", Sept. 10, 2015

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