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October 2015 Archives

Help keeping your child's best interests in mind

What was once known as a custody plan in Florida courts is now typically called as a parenting plan. Many couples who divorce find themselves locked in ongoing debates about the future care and upbringing of their children. In such circumstances, emotions tend to run high and personal feelings and opinions sometimes impede peaceably resolving child custody issues and creating amicable solutions that reflect a child's best interests.

Important factors in deciding child custody in Florida

Going through a divorce in which children are involved can be exceedingly trying and emotional for all parties. In nearly every case, the decision as to which parent will primarily care for the child as well as who the child will live with must be made. Sometimes the parents are in agreement, and the child custody determination is easily reached. However, sometimes this decision is not as easily decided.

Understanding child custody can alleviate fears

Coming to the decision to end your marriage can cause a myriad of emotions such as stress, anger and even fear. This is especially true for Florida parents who fear that they will not get to spend enough time with their children after the divorce. An understanding of how child custody issues are resolved could help put each parent's mind at ease.

High net worth divorce proceedings begin; $6.9 billion at stake

As some Florida residents interested in investing and hedge funds might know, the divorce trial of Kenneth Griffin, the billionaire hedge-funder and CEO of Citadel, and his wife, Anne Dias, began recently in an out-of-state courtroom. It is speculated that it is unlikely that Griffin will suffer much financially in this high net worth divorce. Regardless, it is still very possible that the public proceedings of the divorce could cause more unwanted attention both personal and financial in nature. 

Reasons for couples to get a prenuptial agreement

When Florida couples consider marriage, a prenuptial agreement may not be one of the first things they discuss. However, as many Florida residents know, a prenuptial agreement is no longer just for celebrities and the ultra rich. Actually, many more individuals -- including Millennials -- are deciding it's wise to get them. However, if an individual is still unsure, there are a few considerations to be taken into account.