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Help keeping your child's best interests in mind

What was once known as a custody plan in Florida courts is now typically called as a parenting plan. Many couples who divorce find themselves locked in ongoing debates about the future care and upbringing of their children. In such circumstances, emotions tend to run high and personal feelings and opinions sometimes impede peaceably resolving child custody issues and creating amicable solutions that reflect a child's best interests.

Kenneth D. Morse, P.A., is a family law attorney with more than 34 years of experience guiding parents through divorce issues involving their children, while providing effective representation for them in court. Attorney Morse has a clear understanding of the guidelines used by the court to make decisions regarding child custody, visitation and support. He also knows that most parents want what is best for their children.

As a seasoned family law attorney, Mr. Morse is prepared to offer sound legal counsel to clients during tense times, such as when child support is being determined. In Florida, custodial parents typically are the ones to receive child support payments from non-custodial parents. It has been suggested that this sometimes prompts a non-custodial parent to seek custody in order to minimize or avoid such payments. 

In the absence of an agreement between parents, Florida courts use 20 statutes to create a parenting plan that will be in the child's best interests. The needs of school-aged children, the moral fitness of parents, and the mental and physical health of each parent are some of the factors considered in such circumstances. Most parents would agree that what happens to children after divorce is a matter of priority. Thus, anyone with questions or concerns about state law or other issues regarding child custody, visitation or support can contact Kenneth D. Morse, P.A., to schedule a consultation.

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