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High net worth divorce proceedings begin; $6.9 billion at stake

As some Florida residents interested in investing and hedge funds might know, the divorce trial of Kenneth Griffin, the billionaire hedge-funder and CEO of Citadel, and his wife, Anne Dias, began recently in an out-of-state courtroom. It is speculated that it is unlikely that Griffin will suffer much financially in this high net worth divorce. Regardless, it is still very possible that the public proceedings of the divorce could cause more unwanted attention both personal and financial in nature. 

The divorce comes after 11 years of marriage and was initiated in July 2014 by Griffin. During the past year, the couple has been in the process of court filings, and now the case is about to commence in an out-of-state county circuit court. In the event that a settlement does not occurs, the divorce proceedings could drag on for several months.

In cases similar to this, however, a settlement instead of a full trial is the more common of the two outcomes. Many times a divorce case like this is settled just before trial is set to commence, as both parties tend to push for their respective desires until the very last moment. During court filings, Griffin has been upholding his argument that the couple's prenuptial agreement is valid and binding, and even though specific details have not yet been disclosed, Dias stated that the the prenuptial agreement would grant her around one percent of her husband's estimated $6.9 billion fortune. 

Each party has most likely been working with attorneys throughout this high net worth divorce process. Any high net worth individual in Florida who has decided to get a divorce may choose to consult an experienced divorce attorney before commencing a high net worth divorce. The attorney can then assist the individual throughout the entire process as well as ensure that his or her client's rights are protected.

Source: cnbc.com, "Billionaire Ken Griffin heads to divorce court", Robert Frank, Oct. 5, 2015

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