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Reasons for couples to get a prenuptial agreement

When Florida couples consider marriage, a prenuptial agreement may not be one of the first things they discuss. However, as many Florida residents know, a prenuptial agreement is no longer just for celebrities and the ultra rich. Actually, many more individuals -- including Millennials -- are deciding it's wise to get them. However, if an individual is still unsure, there are a few considerations to be taken into account.

A prenuptial agreement -- also known as a "prenup"--  is an agreement signed before a marriage, which describes how events should proceed between the couple in the event of divorce. Although one of the perceived main purposes is to shield the more financially sound of the two, a prenup is much more than that and can be advantageous in many other ways. It can help to prevent the sometimes long legal battle -- so, instead of months spent bickering in a courtroom, a prenup simplifies the process, thereby allowing both individuals to move on with their lives more quickly.

Secondly, a prenup can often help in the event of a divorce by protecting the victims of the marriage. Although divorces typically occur after months of stress and fighting, sometimes an individual can be surprised by a relationship being ended very fast, which does not allow any time to prepare. If the couple decides to have a prenup, it can often help to ensure that the victim has a plan in the the event of separation.

When an individual in Florida is considering getting married and decides to have a prenuptial agreement, he or she often consults an experienced family law attorney,  who is best able to assist them with the process. With this legal expertise on the individual's side and the prenup finished, the individual can then resume the planning of their once-in-a-lifetime day. They know that their financial future is headed down a good path, protected for the duration of the marriage.

Source: magazine.foxnews.com, "Ten solid reasons all couples should get a prenup before marriage", Michael Hollan, Sept. 25, 2015

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