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November 2015 Archives

Sisters in bitter child custody battle discovered two years later

When Florida couples find themselves involved in child custody disputes, they may find tensions running high; however, as heated as the discussions may sometimes be, they rarely result in the children disappearing. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to two teens who live out of state. The two teenage girls, who had disappeared around two years ago, were recently located, a news station reported. The two had been involved in a heated child custody dispute. The girls' father has full custody and will soon be reunited with them.  

Signing a prenuptial agreement is more popular than ever in 2015

Before many couples decide on heading to the altar these days, many of them are signing prenuptial agreements first. Professionals in the field of family law say that Florida residents might be surprised to learn which individuals are actually deciding to sign a prenuptial agreement. According to one professional, those entering marriage with prenuptial agreements in hand are not necessarily who one might think.

Understanding child custody determinations in Florida

For parents entering divorce proceedings, the well-being and best interests of their children are typically an important focus. Laws and guidelines vary by state with regard to child custody determinations. Florida parents are advised to seek clarification on their state's laws before attempting to negotiate issues concerning the future care and upbringing of their children after divorce.

Postnuptial vs prenuptial agreement: What's the difference?

Many individuals have heard of a prenuptial agreement. In fact, an individual or someone they know might have perhaps signed one. However, not as many Florida residents are as familiar with the counter-point to a prenuptial agreement -- the postnuptial agreement.