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Signing a prenuptial agreement is more popular than ever in 2015

Before many couples decide on heading to the altar these days, many of them are signing prenuptial agreements first. Professionals in the field of family law say that Florida residents might be surprised to learn which individuals are actually deciding to sign a prenuptial agreement. According to one professional, those entering marriage with prenuptial agreements in hand are not necessarily who one might think.

Traditionally, a prenuptial agreement was only drafted by the very wealthy or those who had valuable assets. However, times are changing, or so it seems. A 2015 study showed that, today, these kinds of contracts are being signed more than ever.

A prenuptial agreement aids in protecting an individual's assets, as well as protecting one spouse from another spouse's debt. It can also help in determining how a married couple's assets should be distributed following a death. However, many couples choose to sign prenuptial agreements simply to avoid the costly disputes that sometimes arise in the event of divorce.

Although having the talk about whether a couple should sign a prenuptial agreement may not evoke the most romantic feelings for a newly engaged couple in Florida, this conversation can be an important stepping stone in strengthening a couple's combined financial health. When couples are considering whether a prenuptial agreement is the correct move for them, some may choose to consult with experienced family law attorneys. These attorneys can offer guidance and advice in regards to their options, as well as assist them in drafting comprehensive and fair agreements.

Source: kfor.com, "More couples opting to sign prenuptial agreement before reaching the altar", Lacey Lett, Nov. 10, 2015

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