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Sisters in bitter child custody battle discovered two years later

When Florida couples find themselves involved in child custody disputes, they may find tensions running high; however, as heated as the discussions may sometimes be, they rarely result in the children disappearing. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to two teens who live out of state. The two teenage girls, who had disappeared around two years ago, were recently located, a news station reported. The two had been involved in a heated child custody dispute. The girls' father has full custody and will soon be reunited with them.  

The local police discovered the two at a horse ranch located out of state. Before they were located, they had last been seen in April 2013, a local news station had reported. The two girls were discovered by a search warrant that was executed by the local sheriff's department, as well as the local police department and the U.S. Marshals.

Another news source reported that the girls had chosen to run away while the custody dispute was occurring, as their father was supposedly abusive. However, a psychologist's analysis determined that the mother of the girls had actually brainwashed them. The father received an award of full custody of his girls in November 2013.

Every child custody case is a unique situation and must be handled as such. Sometimes, the case may appear straightforward, but, in all actuality, it might not be that simple. At times, individual aspects of a case require the skill of an experienced family law attorney in order for a resolution to be reached. When Florida couples are going through divorces in which children are involved, many choose to consult with experienced family law attorneys for help reaching mutually beneficial child custody arrangements.

Source: Yahoo, "Teens at Center of Custody Battle Found After Two Years", Beth Greenfield, Nov. 19, 2015

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