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Factors that influence child support amounts

Each and every child is legally entitled to financial support from both parents. This financial obligation is applicable even when the parents never married or one parent does not choose to take an active part in raising his or her child. In Florida, when parents end a relationship and no longer live together, one parent may be required to pay child support to the other.

Child support areas of coverage

There is a common misconception that child support only covers the bare necessities for a child, such as clothing and food. However, this isn't entirely the chase. Child support is intended to cover a wider range of expenses, including entertainment, school fees, medical, and extracurricular activities, as well as other things. When Florida parents are going through a divorce or separation and require clarifications about what child support does and does not cover, they typically consult a divorce attorney to become better informed.

The basics of child support

When a married couple makes the decision to either divorce or separate, or when one parent has custody of a child, the court may rule that the other parent pay a portion of income, also known as child support. However, this is not the only example in which the issue of child support could arise when two Florida parents decide to call it quits. Sometimes, if neither parent is granted custody, both parents may be ordered by the court to pay for child support that is received by a third party responsible for caring for the child.

Children in child custody fight retrieved by U.S. officers

Two children were recently escorted off of an out of state American Indian reservation by officers of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. The children's grandmother brought them there during a child custody dispute. The federal government intervened in the clash that involved state as well as tribal courts. When child custody disputes arise in Florida, the individuals involved sometimes seek to discuss their situation with divorce attorneys to discuss their options.

The basics of a parenting agreement in a child custody case

Most child custody cases in Florida are resolved even before they arrive in court. This might be due to informal negotiations between the involved parties -- and their attorneys -- or via a different dispute resolution process, such as mediation. What follows is a brief discussion on parenting agreements, as well as court approval in cases concerning child custody.