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Child support areas of coverage

There is a common misconception that child support only covers the bare necessities for a child, such as clothing and food. However, this isn't entirely the chase. Child support is intended to cover a wider range of expenses, including entertainment, school fees, medical, and extracurricular activities, as well as other things. When Florida parents are going through a divorce or separation and require clarifications about what child support does and does not cover, they typically consult a divorce attorney to become better informed.

In addition to the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, child support can be used for other things, as well, including medical care. As children require at least basic medical care, it is usually required for separated or divorced parents to obtain health insurance for their child. The parent who has better health care benefits via their employer is typically required to carry the medical, dental and vision insurance plan. Additionally, child support may be used when paying for uninsured medical expenses, including deductibles, co-pays and even dental braces, eyeglasses, casts and other kinds of special health care costs.

Child support may also be used for extracurricular activities, including sports activities, summer camps and more, such as clubs like the Boy/Girl Scouts. Another accepted use is for basic transportation as well as travel. This might be for maintenance costs of a car, including the cost of gas, car payments, insurance, registration, or public transportation costs.

When it comes to child support cases in Florida, family courts seek to address the essential support and financial needs of children, which are reflected in the child support order. When a child's needs change or one of the parent's circumstances changes significantly, it might be necessary for one of the parents to file a modification of existing child support. Parents who need to do this typically consult with an experienced family law attorney in order to do so.

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