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Tips for modifying child support payments

Sometimes child support arrangements that have been ordered by a Florida divorce court prove to be unfeasible due to a variety of reasons. Individuals might lose their jobs, become seriously injured, or there might be changes in their incomes or marital statuses. When things occur that require child support arrangements to be changed, individuals can pursue child support modifications.

In order to either lower or raise the payments, the parents must either agree to the intended change or a judge must order that the payment be changed. One of the most important things in this process is acting quickly. As soon as an individual's circumstances change, steps should be taken to secure a modification, as any amount that is owed due to an inability to pay must still be paid and cannot be discharged, even in bankruptcy.

Another important facet of the child support modification process is for both parents to attempt to reach an agreement regarding the potential change. Since there are both emotional and financial aspects of litigation surrounding child support arrangements, a discussion that is started with an intention on agreement is wise for both parties involved. Some formal dispute resolution methods, including mediation, are typically employed to help the individuals reach an agreement. Regardless of whether an agreement is reached by compromise or whether a judge makes the determination, the modification must be approved by the court to take effect.

Another important aspect of the child support modification process that must not be overlooked is the gathering of information. Individuals typically begin by researching the associated child support laws with an eye on learning which factors allow for substantial changes in child support agreements. Regardless of their specific situations, most Florida residents typically consult experienced child support attorneys for both interpretation and guidance when seeking changes to existing agreements.

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