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This app could reduce child support struggles

Many Florida parents believe that once their divorce has been made final, the days of arguing with their former spouse will be behind them. When a couple shares children, however, there will be plenty of opportunities to get under each other's skin, even after the ink has dried and the dust has settled. Struggles over child support are just one example of the ways that divorced parents continue to argue, but there is an app on the market that promises to help reduce those tensions for all involved.

The app is called SupportPay, and it serves as a platform through which parents can communicate about child-related expenses. Users can upload receipts, send an invoice to the other parent or share information about the cost of various needs and services related to raising a shared child. In addition to easing communication between co-parents, SupportPay also provides the ability for both sides to document and track their expenses.

For parents who are unable to effectively communicate with one another, this app can make it easier to share necessary information across a neutral platform. It can even reduce tension between parents. Many non-custodial parents feel that their support payments are not going toward the needs of their children. SupportPay gives the custodial parent the ability to document the costs of raising a child, which can go a long way toward easing frustrations. In cases in which a return to court seems inevitable, SupportPay can provide a history of documentation, which can be helpful in making a case for either a child support increase or reduction.

Florida parents who are struggling over child support issues may want to consider if applications such as SupportPay could be of use. Technology has made so many aspects of daily life easier, and it comes as no surprise that applications are developed to make child support conversations easier to have and simple to document. For some families, this type of tool can eliminate a great deal of tension, and make it easier to focus on one's child or children.  

Source: bloomberg.com, "The App That Helps Divorced Parents Fight About Money", Ben Steverman, Feb. 17, 2016

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