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March 2016 Archives

Singer accused of domestic violence, faces divorce

Some in Florida will recall the tune of "American Pie," a hit single from the 1970s by musician Don McLean. McLean has recently made headlines, not for his musical career achievements, but over allegations of domestic violence. His wife of 30 years has filed for divorce, and she is claiming that her husband has been abusive for the majority of their time together.

A family business can complicate property division

When a couple in Florida goes through a divorce, dividing marital wealth can be a complex matter. This is especially true in a case in which the couple owns a business. Having to divide the business interests and determine which party will retain which assets can make for a very complicated divorce process -- one that has the potential to affect the lives of employees and other partners, as well as the spouses themselves. Couples facing this set of property division circumstances have a few options when considering how to proceed.

Biological father forced to pay child support to surrogate

When a couple is unable to conceive a child, they are often willing to go to great lengths to expand their family. While some will turn to adoption, many wish to have a child that shares their own genetic makeup. Surrogacy is an option that appeals to many Florida couples, and it is a great way to bring a new life into the world. When things do not go as planned, however, the outcome can be far different than anyone imagined. Such is the case for a family that is now being forced to pay child support to the woman who acted as their surrogate.

Changes coming to divorce in Florida?

Florida legislators have made repeated attempts to make significant changes to the alimony and child custody laws currently in effect in the state. Roughly two years ago, they sent a bill to Governor Rick Scott, but he vetoed the proposed changes due to a provision that allowed retroactive changes to alimony awards.

Florida considers shift toward 50/50 child custody norm

The Florida legislature is currently considering a bill that would require family court judges to approach child custody cases from the position that 50/50 shared custody is the best outcome. The bill has passed the Senate and is now headed for the House, where it is expected to encounter opposition. Currently, family court judges are allowed to weigh each child custody case on its own merits, and are directed to look at all of the facts and evidence before making a determination that is in the best interests of the child or children involved.