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April 2016 Archives

Don't let a high net worth divorce impact job performance

Going through a divorce is a stressful and hectic time. There are numerous tasks that demand one's attention and a range of emotions that Florida spouses will have to pass through as they progress toward the end of the marriage. For those who are going through a high net worth divorce, these demands can be even greater, as there are more details that must be attended to, as well as more decisions to be made in regard to the division of marital wealth. It can be easy to let these issues have a negative impact on one's job performance, but staying on task at work is crucial to future success and stability.

Hidden wealth can play a part in a high net worth divorce

When an individual has amassed a significant volume of wealth, he or she is often displeased at the idea of having to share those earnings with a spouse in the event of a divorce. It may feel unfair that one spouse's hard work, ingenuity or savvy business skills should serve to provide the other spouse with a financial windfall if the marriage should end in a high net worth divorce. Fueled by this sense of injustice, some Florida spouses will attempt to shield a degree of their fortunes from the property division process.

Governor vetoes proposed family law changes

In a previous blog posting, we discussed some proposed changes that would be made to Florida's alimony laws. Legislators had passed a bill that allowed for major alimony reform. It also included a provision that required judges to allow each parent equal time with their children after a divorce.

Parental alienation can come into play during child custody cases

When an accusation of child abuse is brought into a child custody case, the family court that is hearing the matter is tasked with determining the validity of those claims. This can be a difficult matter, as not all forms of child abuse are easily documented or proven. In many, many different situations, abuse allegations never result in criminal charges, and no one but the accused and the alleged victim really know what did and did not happen. When Florida one parent makes a claim of abuse and the other denies that claim, the outcome is sometimes a finding that the parent making the allegations has acted to intentionally alienate the child from his or her parent, which can lead to a loss of child custody rights.

Finding a child custody agreement that works

Florida readers know that issues pertaining to children are some of the most difficult to navigate during a divorce. When it comes to our kids, we want to ensure that their best interests are protected at all times, as well as our parental rights. One of the most effective ways to do this is to actively pursue a child custody agreement that is workable long into the future. 

Bethenny Frankel may score prenuptial agreement win

Reality television star Bethenny Frankel has made headlines in Florida and across the nation with her multi-million dollar divorce. She and her former husband signed a prenuptial agreement, but the pair remain in court fighting over the details of their divorce settlement. In a recent hearing, Frankel scored something of a win.