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Bethenny Frankel may score prenuptial agreement win

Reality television star Bethenny Frankel has made headlines in Florida and across the nation with her multi-million dollar divorce. She and her former husband signed a prenuptial agreement, but the pair remain in court fighting over the details of their divorce settlement. In a recent hearing, Frankel scored something of a win.

The former couple have been arguing over the ownership of their Tribeca apartment. That property was purchased for $5 million, but is now worth an estimated $7 million. Frankel's soon-to-be ex still resides in the apartment, although Frankel claims that the property was purchased using only her money and should be her sole property.  

At issue in the case is the manner in which the prenuptial agreement was drafted and signed, as well as the details of a trust agreement concerning the apartment. Up until a recent court hearing, Frankel was paying her husband $12,000 per month in spousal support. The judge in the case ceased those payments, and the issues surrounding the prenuptial agreement and trust agreement will be addressed at an upcoming hearing.

As this example demonstrates, it is important to ensure that a prenuptial agreement is properly drafted and signed, and that each party has access to his or her own legal counsel prior to signing on the dotted line. Those standards are the same in Florida as elsewhere across the nation. If Frankel can prove that her prenup was entered into with full disclosure of all assets and without any form of coercion, she may prevail in court.

Source: People, "Bethenny Frankel 'Pleased' After Court Victory Removing $12,000-a-Month Spousal Support for Ex Jason Hoppy", Liz McNeil and Aaron Couch, March 22, 2016

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