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Don't let a high net worth divorce impact job performance

Going through a divorce is a stressful and hectic time. There are numerous tasks that demand one's attention and a range of emotions that Florida spouses will have to pass through as they progress toward the end of the marriage. For those who are going through a high net worth divorce, these demands can be even greater, as there are more details that must be attended to, as well as more decisions to be made in regard to the division of marital wealth. It can be easy to let these issues have a negative impact on one's job performance, but staying on task at work is crucial to future success and stability.

One of most powerful pieces of advice that anyone going through divorce can receive is to make an effort to compartmentalize their lives during this period of time. The process of compartmentalization involves segregating aspects of one's life into clear portions of each day. In regard to work, this means setting aside concerns about the divorce during the workday, and placing one's focus exclusively on work demands during that time. Likewise, a portion of each day should be set aside for addressing divorce tasks, so that these matters are properly attended to in a timely manner.

By making a commitment to exclude divorce matters from one's workday, it is possible to channel all of one's energy into job performance. It can be all-too-easy to get off-track after a lunchtime meeting with one's attorney, or a morning email session with one's soon-to-be-ex. Creating boundaries for when non-work matters will be addressed is the best way to begin the process of compartmentalization.

Many Florida spouses find comfort in dividing up their days into discrete chunks of time, and assigning specific topics for each portion. Doing so allows an individual the freedom to focus on one task at a time, without fear of overlooking something important or neglecting other responsibilities. During a high net worth divorce, compartmentalization can help spouses maintain solid job performance, while also working through the details of their divorce.

Source: businessinsider.com, "8 tips for surviving the workday when you're going through a divorce", Jacquelyn Smith, April 27, 2016

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