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May 2016 Archives

The prenuptial agreement that saved actress millions

Florida readers may not know the name of the actress who plays Penny on the hit television show "Big Bang Theory," but they are likely familiar with her role on that show. Kaley Cuoco plays the ditzy blonde girl next door, and is an integral part of the dynamic that has made the show a long-running success. In real life, Cuoco is far from ditzy, as evidenced by the prenuptial agreement that she signed before her marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

Do women really have an advantage in child custody cases?

It is not uncommon for many people to assume that when a mother and father face off in a custody battle, the woman has a distinct advantage. In reality, however, the days when the courts assumed that women are better suited as caregivers are long past. In today's family court environment, Florida child custody cases are decided on factors beyond the gender of the parties. Some would argue that there are plenty of cases in which a woman has a distinct disadvantage in a custody fight.

Three things to remember about grey divorce

As couples get older, some of them discover that they no longer have any reason to remain in their marriages. The kids have grown up, and the spouses have simply grown apart from one another. They just do not want to spend any more time with one another for whatever reason.

2 families at odds over child custody of foster child

Those in Florida who open their homes and hearts to children in need provide an essential service. Being a foster parent can be challenging, especially when foster families become attached to the children within their care. Often, those kids are eventually placed back into the care of their biological parents. In some cases, foster families seek to adopt the children that they welcome into their homes. When there are relatives who also want to adopt that child, a difficult child custody battle can occur.

One approach to providing for a child's best interests

Anyone who has gone through divorce or who has watched friends and family move through that process is aware of the disruption that such a change can have on the life of a child. Kids have to adjust to new schedules, and often new living arrangements. Most Florida parents are acutely aware of these challenges and make every effort to provide for their child's best interests. Some will even go so far as to try an entirely new and inventive way of structuring the family's lifestyle and child custody pattern.