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One approach to providing for a child's best interests

Anyone who has gone through divorce or who has watched friends and family move through that process is aware of the disruption that such a change can have on the life of a child. Kids have to adjust to new schedules, and often new living arrangements. Most Florida parents are acutely aware of these challenges and make every effort to provide for their child's best interests. Some will even go so far as to try an entirely new and inventive way of structuring the family's lifestyle and child custody pattern.

One such approach is known as "birdnesting." In this arrangement, the child stays in place in one home, and the parents rotate in and out of that residence according to their custody schedule. The child is able to settle into a more streamlined routine, as he or she is not being shuttled from one household to the other. It becomes possible to have one room with all of the child's decorations and favorite belongings, and neighborhood friendships can develop and strengthen.

The benefits for the child are clear, but things become more complicated for the parents. They are tasked with working out their living arrangements while not in the "birdnest" home. They must also be willing to have a high level of communication with each other in regard to the custody schedule. It also becomes necessary to communicate frequently about household needs, as the home will still be shared between parents, just not at the same time.

Birdnesting is not for everyone, and it is the rare Florida couple who can make such an unusual arrangement work. The idea of building a child custody solution around a child's best interests and not those of the parents, however, is at the center of birdnesting. That approach, even if applied in a less literal manner, is likely to have positive results for kids who are transitioning from one household into two.

Source: New York Post, "Is "birdnesting" the stupidest - or smartest - divorce trend yet?", Anna Davies, April 28, 2016

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