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The challenges of divorce for your kids

Divorce has a big impact on children, and can affect them in a lot of different ways. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that can be done to make it easier for children to get through their parents' divorce. The more ways you can help your children the easier it will be for them, but just understanding that they are struggling or that they might have questions or concerns can be a big first step. 

Divorce Can Cause Children Stress

Processing their parents' divorce can be very stressful for children, and they can struggle to get through it. Often, parents are wrapped up in the stresses they're going through, and that's understandable. However, that can translate into them not realizing how much of an affect the divorce is having on their children. It's important that you recognize signs of stress in your kids, such as not sleeping well, acting out, having trouble in school, and other issues. Then you can get them help if they need it to reduce their stress levels.

There's a New Normal to Adapt To

When couples divorce, everything changes. There will be a new normal, and that can take some work and time to adapt to. While that's stressful in itself, there are great ways to find a new normal that you and your children can feel good about. Among the ways to do that include establishing a good routine and sticking to it, talking openly and honestly about the divorce, and remembering that your children have a right to express themselves. Finding ways to make that self-expression constructive can make adaptation easier, too.

Parents Need a Good Relationship for the Sake of Their Children

You may not want to spend any time with your ex-spouse after your divorce, but you'll need to keep a good relationship with them for the sake of your children. The kids will need both of you, and when you can find a way to have a good relationship at least around the children, you show the children what is important and how you work through times in life that might be difficult.

By working with a good attorney, you can create a lasting custody agreement that will hold up over time and give you, your ex-spouse, and your children a sense of normalcy and stability. That can be very important to reduce stress and make things easier for everyone involved. We can help you come up with a custody agreement you can feel good about, and that can be followed for the long term. 

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