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The importance of compromise to avoid child custody battles

When children are involved in a divorce, issues regarding their futures may be complicated. Divorcing parents are advised to do their best to compromise, avoiding obstinance and contentious debates that often lead to child custody battles. One family outside of Florida has been going through a custody fight, and the court recently issued a ruling that left many shocked and upset.

Apparently, the child in question is a 10-year-old golf prodigy. She is said by some to already be good enough to secure college scholarships and pave her way to a profitable future. Her father was reportedly her first golf coach; however, a judge recently banned the girl from playing competitive golf for one year, leaving many to question the court's rationale.

The custody battle between the young golfer's parents has been raging for seven years. Some say the circuit court judge's decision does not have the girl's best interests at heart. Her father plans to appeal the recent court ruling. As it stands, he and his daughter are only permitted to play one round of golf together, per week.

Florida parents are advised to do their best to compromise on child custody issues before decisions are left up to the courts. Often, the chances of an amicable compromise are increased by acting alongside experienced family law professionals. A divorce attorney may have experienced negotiation skills that can be of benefit in situations where parents are having a difficult time reaching an agreement. Such intervention can help bring about swift resolutions to problems in an economically feasible fashion.

Source: golf.com, "Judge Bans 10-Year-Old Prodigy From Golf in Custody Dispute", Marika Washchyshyn, July 1, 2016

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