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September 2016 Archives

Could embryos be subject to property division?

When a Florida couple goes through divorce, a great deal of focus is placed on dividing their marital assets. In some cases, however, the assets in question fall outside the bounds of what the law is equipped to handle. An example is found in a high profile legal dispute between actress Sophia Vergara and her former partner. While not married, the two are embroiled in an unusual property division dispute regarding their frozen embryos.

How domestic violence can impact child custody

When it comes to matters of child custody, acts of abuse between family members can have a great deal of impact on the eventual outcome. Many in Florida believe that the party who has been subjected to acts of domestic violence will automatically have the upper hand in a custody case. In reality, however, the courts take a very careful approach to all child custody matters, including those that contain allegations of domestic violence.

Addressing child custody matters during divorce mediation

Many Florida families choose mediation to work through the details of their divorce. When it comes to child custody matters, some families struggle to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. It is important to make every effort to set aside feelings of hurt, betrayal, anger or spite in favor of working together to reach a child custody outcome that places the needs of shared children at the forefront.

How to handle college savings during property division

Many Florida families have taken steps to ensure that their children will be able to afford a quality college education. One of the most popular savings options for funding higher education is a 529 account. When a couple is facing divorce and property division, however, a 529 plan becomes just another asset that should be included in negotiations.

How social medial use may impact your marriage

Divorce lawyers are seeing more marriages terminate due to social media and the way it affects lives of partners. Many things about social media usage can change the way people think of each other and act toward each other, making relationships more complicated than ever before. 

Don't neglect property division during Social Security divorce

While most Florida spouses look forward to parting ways with their spouse after their marriage comes to an end, this is not always the case. For some couples, divorce is a strategic financial planning move, albeit an unconventional one. For example, many spouses consider a divorce on paper that will allow one spouse to collect Social Security benefits based on his or her former partner's work record. While a valid strategy, this type of divorce still requires a thoughtful property division approach.