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October 2016 Archives

How does adultery impact property division in a Florida divorce?

Florida is a no-fault divorce state which means that neither of the parties seeking divorce needs to provide a reason for the filing. The mere statement that the irreconcilable differences caused an irretrievable break in the marriage is sufficient. Although one party's accusation of the other spouse committing adultery will not have much of an impact on property division, it may be considered in some of the court's other decision-making processes.

During property division, consider downsizing

During the course of a Florida divorce, some spouses refuse to accept the reality that many aspects of their lives are about to change. One of the most difficult realities to come to terms with is the fact that it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the exact same lifestyle on one income that was possible with two. This is especially true in regard to home size. For those who can accept the many benefits of downsizing, this property division transition can be far easier to manage.

Covering all of the details during property division

As a couple in Florida nears the end of the divorce process, there is often an urge to get things signed, sealed and delivered as quickly as possible, so that both parties are able to move on with their lives. This is an understandable approach, but it is important to avoid rushing through the final stage of divorce without ensuring that all of the details have been addressed. Once those papers are signed, it is difficult to go back and address things that were not completed prior to the legal end of the marriage, especially when it comes to matters of property division.

Property division can extend beyond divorce

Many Florida spouses assume that once their divorce papers are signed, the process is complete and both parties can go their separate ways. In reality, however, there are multiple property division issues that can extend well beyond the timeframe of divorce. Understanding how those matters can impact the months and years that follow a divorce is essential to avoiding complications.