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During property division, consider downsizing

During the course of a Florida divorce, some spouses refuse to accept the reality that many aspects of their lives are about to change. One of the most difficult realities to come to terms with is the fact that it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the exact same lifestyle on one income that was possible with two. This is especially true in regard to home size. For those who can accept the many benefits of downsizing, this property division transition can be far easier to manage.

One of the most obvious benefits of moving into a smaller or less elaborate home involves cost. A smaller and simpler home will be far less expensive to maintain, leaving more money for savings or investments. In most cases, individuals who go through divorce require far less space in their new homes. It can be helpful to look for new living arrangements that offer benefits other than size, including an attractive neighborhood, proximity to friends and family or reduced commute time.

Another benefit of downsizing is having to spend less time caring for a smaller home. Less square footage means less time spent straightening up, vacuuming and completing other chores. That leaves more time for branching out and trying new things, and for structuring one's single life in the manner of his or her choosing.

Moving into a smaller home is not always a negative change. In many cases, spouses who emerge from divorce and property division are eager and excited to reshape their lives according to their own needs and desires. Deciding on a different housing arrangement can be a fulfilling part of that process. Florida spouses should approach downsizing with a positive attitude and also with the knowledge that this is a time of transition and not a permanent living arrangement.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Divorce, and moving from a big house to a tiny apartment", Christina Adams, Oct. 18, 2016

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