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How to avoid common property division mistakes

When it comes to handling the disposition of the family home, many divorcing spouses encounter obstacles. It is important to understand some of the more common property division mistakes that can occur during the sale of a Florida home, in order to avoid a negative outcome. It is also important to understand that divorce is an emotionally charged time, and that individuals may not always behave in a logical or rational manner. Simply acknowledging that fact can help many people avoid making decisions that are based more on emotion than on financial acumen.

In many cases, the family home will need to be sold in order to distribute assets fairly. During the sale of the home, it is absolutely essential to allow the real estate professional hired to handle that sale to do his or her job. This means avoiding turning to the real estate agent for divorce-related concerns. The agent is focused on handling the marketing, negotiation and eventual sale of the home, and should never be asked to function as a marriage counselor.

Timing is also important. Spouses should determine whether to place their home on the market or to wait until market conditions improve. In some cases, simply waiting a few months can make a significant difference in the final sales price of a piece of property. This is an area where the expertise of a professional real estate agent can be invaluable. Spouses must remind themselves that their shared goal is the successful and profitable sale of the home, and should work together to achieve that outcome.

Florida spouses must make every effort to set aside their emotions and focus on the financial realities of their divorce. When it comes to selling the family home, this is especially true. Many people have a great deal of emotion tied up into their marital home, but at the end of the day it is an asset that must be handled properly in order to achieve a fair and favorable property division outcome.

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