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December 2016 Archives

The hidden benefits of a prenuptial agreement

For many Florida residents, the thought of signing a prenup brings about strong emotions. Many people are fiercely opposed to a prenuptial agreement, believing that the document serves to undermine the marriage and create a division between spouses. Others believe that prenups are absolutely necessary, and have witnessed the financial devastation that can occur during divorce. In reality, prenups have a number of hidden benefits, the primary of which is the initiation of a series of serious conversations about money.

A new tool helps parents with child support payments

Once the dust has settled and the ink has dried, many Florida parents are left in something of a daze following the conclusion of their divorce. Unfortunately, however, the need to interact with one another often continues, especially for those spouses who share children. Coordinating visitation and making arrangements for child support are immediate needs that face most divorced parents.

Father turns his child custody ordeal into message for all

Going through a nasty custody fight is a terrible experience, in Florida or any other state. In some cases, however, the circumstances are even more dire than usual, and the parties are put through the wringer while trying to secure their child custody rights. An example is found in a young man who fought desperately to have the right to raise his daughter after the child's mother placed her for adoption without his consent. He is now using his story to teach fathers about the importance of establishing paternity.

Waiting requirements and high net worth divorce

One of the things that many Florida residents take for granted is a relatively low barrier to ending a broken marriage. In other parts of the nation, getting a divorce requires a lengthy waiting period. For those who are ready to move forward with a high net worth divorce, that can make matters far more complicated. One state has recently reduced the mandatory waiting period for a contested divorce from two years to one, to the relief of many residents.

How pediatricians can assist during child custody cases

When a Florida family is going through divorce, parents often have a difficult time remaining objective about matters related to their children. Once a couple enters into child custody negotiations, emotions and tensions often rise. It is important that parents are able to place the best interests of their shared children at the forefront of all divorce decisions. One excellent resource that can assist in this area is the family pediatrician.

Child custody and relocation: What you need to know

Sometimes it is necessary to move, be it for a new job or to take care of a sick relative, there are often circumstances that require it. If it was just you, on your own, it would be an easy thing to do, but if you have children and are divorced, moving more than 50 miles away from where you and your children currently reside can be much more complicated.