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February 2017 Archives

Be aware of the role of Bitcoin in property division

Technology has truly changed the way that Florida residents live, work and play. The sheer volume of advancements is staggering, but it should be noted that not all technology is used for morally or ethically correct purposes. For spouses who are preparing to divorce, it is important to understand the role that Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrency options can play during property division efforts.

Tips for crafting a reasonable child custody agreement

When it comes to negotiations, many people hold firm beliefs about the best way to proceed. Often, those beliefs include opening negotiations with demands that are completely unreasonable, so that there is room to move toward a more acceptable solution. Such an approach may work in the business world, but in the realm of child custody negotiations, it is better for Florida parents to take a more measured and reasonable approach.

Adoption vacated in difficult child custody case

When biological and adoptive parents square off in a court of law, there are often no real "winners." These are among the most difficult child custody cases to come before the courts, in Florida or elsewhere. An example is found in an ongoing struggle between a biological father and the prospective adoptive parents of his young daughter.

3 points single moms must know about child custody and vacations

All parents who are planning vacations have issues to work through. However, single mothers have some challenging issues to face. Spring break is just around the corner. Now is the time to make your vacation plans. Even if you will stay home, you should make plans for your children since they won't go to school during the holiday.

Child custody case focuses on fraudulent adoption practices

Few Florida custody battles are more distressing than those that involve a fight between biological and adoptive parents. In those matters, both sides are deeply connected to the child caught in the middle, and there is no truly "good" outcome. An example is found in a child custody case in which a father is fighting for the return of his infant twins, both of whom were placed in the care of other families without his knowledge or consent.