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March 2017 Archives

Timing can greatly impact property division

One of the most common questions that Florida residents have about divorce involves matters of timing. Understanding when to contact a divorce attorney and when to initiate a divorce filing are critical to a successful outcome. Those spouses who are well-prepared are often able to gain an advantage when it comes to matters of property division.

Child custody determinations can be groundbreaking

When Florida parents are unable to come to terms over the care and custody of shared children, the matter often goes before a court. The court is then tasked with making child custody determinations based on the limited information presented. In some cases, the outcome can be far different from what the parties intended, and can sometimes even set legal precedent. Such is the case in a recent ruling focused on a family's alternative lifestyle.

Fighting for child custody after years of domestic violence

Finding the strength to leave an abusive relationship is one of the hardest things that many people in Florida will ever have to do. Once they are out of the home and getting back on their feet, the abusive partner will have fewer chances to upset, harass or intimidate the victim of domestic violence. However, for those who share one or more children with their abuser, having to deal with his or her behavior can go on for many years.

Why mediation could reduce property division expenses

When many Florida spouses think about divorce, they imagine a courtroom drama that plays out like the cases they have seen on television and in the movies. In reality, however, there are numerous ways to approach a divorce, many of which do not require courtroom dramatics of any sort. Mediation is a prime example, and is a valid means of working through property division and other details without the need for litigation. Mediation can result in a less contentious divorce, and also a less expensive one.

The signs could suggest a high net worth divorce

When it comes to a Florida marriage, there are good surprises, and there are bad surprises. Many spouses fear the phrase "we have to talk," especially in regard to the state of their marital union. Those discussions can sometimes lead to the revelation that one spouse is ready to begin the process of a high net worth divorce. The following signs could indicate that a such a discussion may be on the horizon.