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Could Trump presidency lead to property division?

Many Florida couples are aware that ending a marriage involves the division of marital assets. For some, however, these property division tasks arise based on marital disputes over ideological issues. Recent research suggests that the Trump administration is a topic that has led couples to consider divorce. While divorce is a reality and is often the best course of action for a couple, it is always sad to hear of unions that dissolve because of disagreement over deeply held political beliefs.

A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research asked 1,000 respondents about their personal relationships. Researchers found that nearly a quarter of respondents reported disagreement with a partner centered on political matters. Even more astounding, 42 percent of Millennials that were surveyed reported relationship struggles based on politics.

One need look no further than the national news to understand that our nation is deeply divided over the Trump presidency. However, many are shocked to find that that division can also occur within a marriage. The Wakefield Research study also found that one out of every 10 couples have ended their relationship or marriage due to political disagreement.

For those in Florida who are struggling to weather the Trump presidency and maintain marital harmony, it is important to remain focused on long-term goals and objectives. In terms of politics, history shows that, even during times of extreme upheaval, the country is able to move forward and will eventually regain stability. The same can be said of many marriages, and spouses who are at odds over political issues may want to seek marital counseling. Divorce and subsequent property division are very serious matters and should be based on a series of carefully considered decisions, not contention over differing political beliefs.

Source: sputniknews.com, "Trump Not Making Relationships Great Again, Drives Couples to Divorce", May 9, 2017

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