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InfoWars host loses contentious child custody fight

Some Florida readers are familiar with the work of Alex Jones, the controversial voice behind the show InfoWars. Jones has reached a certain level of fame with his bombastic and often seemingly unhinged views on various matters. His show is rife with conspiracy theories and assertions that go against common knowledge on a wide range of subjects. Jones was recently in court fighting his ex wife for child custody of their three children.

In court, his wife claimed that Jones was the same person off the air as he is while creating his show. She asserted that he was unstable and unfit, and showed a video clip of Jones smoking marijuana while taping a podcast, as well as footage of a drunken rant during the Trump inauguration. She also claimed that their children were present during some InfoWars production efforts.

The court sided with the mother, and ruled that the former couple must share custody of their children. Previously, Jones was designated as the "managing conservator" of the kids, and they lived in his home. Their mother only saw them a few times a year. Now, she will have the right to determine where the children live, and their father will have visitation.

Part of the reason that this child custody battle turned out in favor of the mother may be due to Jones' actions in court. While in the courtroom, he made statements claiming that George Soros had control over the potency of marijuana, and also argued that his choice to eat Texas chili before a hearing caused him to forget how old his children are. As many Florida readers are well aware, the courtroom is not a place for humor.

Source: heatstreet.com, "Tyranny Alert: Alex Jones Loses Child Custody Battle", William Hicks, April 28, 2017

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