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Could birdnesting be a child custody solution for Florida parents

Determining how to share custody of one or more children is often the central focus of a Florida divorce. For many parents, the well-being of their shared children is the most important aspect of their divorce, and finding the best possible arrangement is a top priority. Fortunately, there are a number of creative solutions that can help families create a child custody solution that is customized to their individual set of needs.

Birdnesting is one of those options. Under this approach, the children remain living in their family home, in the same way that baby birds live in their nest. The parents, once the divorce is made final, begin to rotate in and out of the home on a schedule, just like birds. This arrangement allows the children to stay in the home that they know and love and prevents them from having to shift from one parental home to the other every week or so.

Birdnesting requires a high degree of cooperation between parents, as there will be various household needs that must be addressed. On the positive side, though, each parent is able to create their own living space that is in line with their own tastes and needs, which is a benefit that most parents are not able to enjoy until their baby birds leave the nest. It should also be noted that birdnesting requires significantly more expense than a more traditional structure, as there is a third household that must be supported.

This unusual approach is not a good fit for every Florida family, but there are cases in which such an arrangement can be beneficial to all involved. It is certainly a concept that should be considered. Also, this approach is just one of many creative child custody arrangements available to parents who are preparing to divorce, which is important to remember.

Source: New York Times, "After Divorce, Giving Our Kids Custody of the Home", Beth Behrendt, May 30, 2017

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