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Florida parents can find safe spaces for child custody exchanges

Many Florida parents go through a difficult and stressful period while they work out a custody arrangement with their soon-to-be ex. However, for a small number of parents, the child custody process and the resulting need to coordinate custody exchanges are more than just stressful; they are dangerous. When domestic violence has played a role in a relationship, finding a safe space to make visitation exchanges should be a top priority.

Fortunately, more and more communities are recognizing the need to provide safe zones for child custody exchanges. Unfortunately, this need comes in the wake of multiple instances of violence between parents and extended family members during custody hand-offs. Because this is an issue for parents across the nation, many communities have tried to provide a solution in the form of designated areas for these exchanges to take place.

Often, safe zones are established in the parking areas of police or sheriff's offices. The idea is that the risk of an altercation is reduced by the close proximity of law enforcement officers. These areas are also usually under video surveillance, so any activities that take place there would be recorded and available for use in court, if necessary.

Setting up child custody exchanges at a safe and secure location is a win for everyone involved. Both parents can relax without having to be concerned about things getting out of hand. Children can look forward to spending time with their noncustodial parent without having to be fearful of a tense and potentially violent transition from one parent to the other. For those in Florida who have been subjected to acts of domestic violence, having access to these safe spaces can make a world of difference.

Source: wpxi.com, "'Safe space' opens for child-custody exchanges, online sales", June 16, 2017

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