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July 2017 Archives

Avoid unexpected expenses during property division planning

When preparing for divorce, Florida spouses should make every effort to become fully informed on the process and all associated expenses. That is especially true when it comes to making property division decisions. Unless an individual has a clear idea of how his or her financial landscape will look after a divorce, it is impossible to make wise property division decisions.

Even high net worth clients can encounter funding issues

Many Florida residents assume that the more money a couple has, the easier it is for them to move through a divorce. It may be true that spouses who divide significant assets can have a rosier outlook on life as a single person, but getting to that point is not always simple or easy. There are many cases in which high net worth clients can have difficulty finding the funds needed to get their divorce off the ground. Several companies have stepped in to fill the need for divorce funding, and focus primarily on high asset divorce cases.

Understanding the benefits and limits of a prenuptial agreement

When preparing to wed, many Florida couples will discuss whether to pursue a prenup. Having this marital contract in place can vastly simplify the property division process if that need arises. However, in order for a prenuptial agreement to bring the full range of results, individuals should understand what they can and cannot accomplish with a prenup.

Unusual child custody case follows tragic accident

The vast majority of custody cases feature very predictable parties. Most often, two parents are unable to reach an agreement on how to divide parenting time after a divorce or breakup, and turn to the courts for help making a determination. In some cases, however, the parties do not conform to the same norm, and these unusual cases often make headlines in Florida and across the nation. An example is found in the case of a man who had to fight for his child custody rights after his partner was killed in a terrible car crash.