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August 2017 Archives

Benefits of collaboration in Florida property division

Most Florida spouses understand that being able to process the details of their divorce in a collaborative manner is the preferred approach. Most people, however, only think about the emotional advantages of working through a collaborative process to end their marriage. There are also numerous practical benefits that come with collaboration, many of which relate to the property division process.

Jurisdiction is important in child custody actions

For Florida residents who are preparing to divorce, the manner in which that process is initiated can inform and shape both the process and the eventual outcome. That is especially true in regard to child custody cases, where laws vary from state to state. An individual who carefully plans his or her divorce and child custody strategy can achieve a significant advantage when the time comes to file. Jurisdiction is everything when it comes to family law matters.

Program hopes to restore child custody rights to parents

Living with drug addiction is a constant struggle, both for the addict and his or her loved ones. When a parent becomes addicted to drugs, the safety and security of the child becomes the top priority. To that end, many addicted parents in Florida and other states lose their child custody rights, often to state authorities. That can be a devastating outcome to both parent and child and is a cause for concern. One state is trying a new approach to these cases and is hoping that restoring custody rights earlier rather than later can lead to positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Child custody determinations sometimes center on intelligence

There are a number of ways that Florida parents can lose custody of their children to the state. Abuse and neglect are the most common reasons why the authorities get involved and remove kids from their parents' care. There are child custody determinations around the nation, however, where kids are removed from their homes for reasons that fall far outside of matters of abuse or neglect. An example is found in the case of a family who are fighting to have their son returned to them after he was removed over concerns about the intelligence level of the parents.

Children of domestic violence require a special approach

When one parent is subjected to acts of violence at the hand of his or her partner, a very careful approach is required in matters of divorce and child custody. Research suggests that an abusive parent is likely to turn that abuse toward his or her children when the relationship ends. Unfortunately, the Florida court system has few protections in place to address this risk, leaving children exposed to harm even after one parent has made every effort to remove them from an environment of domestic violence.