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Benefits of collaboration in Florida property division

Most Florida spouses understand that being able to process the details of their divorce in a collaborative manner is the preferred approach. Most people, however, only think about the emotional advantages of working through a collaborative process to end their marriage. There are also numerous practical benefits that come with collaboration, many of which relate to the property division process.

One advantage is the increased flexibility available to Florida families. Through collaboration, couples are able to construct a unique divorce settlement that is in line with their particular set of needs. That increased flexibility allows spouses to reach an agreement that preserves marital wealth, which can then distributed to both parties.

Another benefit of collaboration is the fact that the couple's financial particulars remain private. In divorce litigation, extremely private information is discussed openly in court, for anyone present to hear. In addition, a great deal of information becomes part of the official divorce record, which is publicly available. In today's world, the risk of identity theft is a real concern. In collaboration, spouses are able to craft a settlement on their own, the details of which remain private.

Collaboration is not a good fit for every Florida family. In cases where there is a history of domestic violence or when one spouse exerts a controlling influence on the other, a more traditional approach may be necessary. However, all Florida families should consider collaboration as a possibility, and decide for themselves what approach to take to meet their specific property division needs.

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